The Lighthouse

I took this photo on a recent holiday to Kefalonia. We have a lot of history in Kefalonia, my eldest son was born there (captured in the green t-shirt below). We hadn’t been there since 2005 however and although it was nice to revisit favourite places, what struck me was how different the island was to my memories of it.

For the first few days I was disappointed, I’d remembered the pretty stuff, so when we came across the run down side of places I was shocked. An example of this is the the lighthouse, when you approach the pillars you see that the inner wall is covered in graffiti, at this moment I should add that I quite like some graffiti (Banksy etc) and see it as an art form but not when it’s defacing historical landmarks etc, that’s vandalism.

Anyway rant over. This is St. Theodores Lighthouse, which can be found on the Fanari rd in Argostoli, Kefalonia, look it up on Instagram, there’s some beautiful shots of it on there.


7 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. It is a beautiful building, many years ago we visited Rome and all that lingers in my memory is the graffiti everywhere. Every statue and every pillar was defaced. We also visited Sounion about 40 years ago and Byron had carved his name in the ruins, somehow this didn’t feel so bad although it was vandalism in its day. #MySundayPhoto


  2. Unfortunately, most people aren’t Bansky and I don’t think graffiti ads to building like that. Nice shot, it’s odd the way things look in your mind and what time and neglect can do.


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