Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask

I thought I’d do a quick review post of a great product that I began using a couple of months ago, the Body Shop’s Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask. I have quite oily skin across my cheeks and nose, not so much my chin or forehead though and am always on the lookout for some kind of quick fix.

I’m not saying I’ve found a miracle cure, but since using the mask twice a week as part of my beauty schedule, I feel that the product is certainly helping matters; I’m less prone to breakouts and my pores aren’t as clogged either.

It takes 10 minutes to dry and you can tell you’re wearing a clay mask as you can hardly move your face, I  do love that feeling! When it comes to taking it off, it’s a challenge, best to check that you got every last bit off and then re rinse just in case.

The mask is currently retailing at £11, which is a bit steep however you don’t need to use much.

I rate this 10/10 simply because it doesn’t dry out my forehead area and my skin feels and looks brighter after using it.


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