My word of the week is Hayfever.

I first had hay fever 10 years ago which came as a shock at the age of 25 having never suffered as a child. Since then I’ve come to accept its arrival alongside the warmer weather as part of my summer, I simply take my one a day and hope for the best but this year has been hell.

This year, it has affected my eyes, they’ve not stopped watering, leaking and weaping in the last 3 weeks; I’ve looked permanently sad, on the verge of breaking down following sad news except I’m perfectly happy.

A tip I was given the other day for helping to build up a natural immunity was to get in touch with the local bee keepers association, find out who is the nearest keeper to my home (ideally within a 3 mile radius) and buy some honey. By taking a small amount of honey each day it should help to provide some resistance during hay fever season (this process can take time, so may not have an immediate affect).

After being given eye drops from my GP to help with the crying & now the sneezing has started I’m willing to try anything especially as honey drizzled over Greek yoghurt is lush.

Do you have any tips for dealing with hay fever?

The Reading Residence

4 thoughts on “Hayfever

  1. I got hay fever at about the same age, so I can relate! Though I get mine in the spring as it's the tree pollen that affects me, I'm fine in the summer. I'd heard that about the bees, too, hope it works for you. Thanks for joining in with #WotW x


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