Happy At Home

To some people I may come across as being a recluse or antisocial, I can’t say I blame them either. The truth is I often shy away from going out, not because I fear the outside or being in open places, it’s simply because I’m at my happiest when I’m at home with my family.

My home is my happy place, it’s not a perfect palace nor is it a show home type of house, it’s a lived in house full of laughter, dog hair, memories, shouty voices, cuddles and decor wise is a work in progress.  This house has been our home for 5 years, we’ve put roots down here, this will be the building that the children will refer back to as the house they grew up in.

It’s the home where we created a garden and enjoyed summer barbecues in, enjoyed Sunday roasts,  played board games, celebrated birthdays and grew together.

These walls make me feel safe, it’s my sanctuary from the world, a place I can be myself, which is why sometimes I don’t want to head out the door.

Some of you may think that I need to get out more, I understand that but for me I’m at my happiest when I’m nesting in my home, pottering around looking after my family and even after the best day out or a holiday there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being home.


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